The third generation survivor Yugham Hakobyan, Margara village, Armavir Marz, Armenia.

14/09/2014 08:47


Her grandmother Yugham Khachatur Hakobyan was born in Evjilar, Surmalu province, Western Armenia  in 1882.

Photo: The Soviet passport of the grandmother issued in 1938.

Photo: Yugham Hakobyan - from the left.

Yugham Hakobyan's family. Her husband Kerob Hakobyan was born in Alijan village, Western Armenia.

The third generation survivor Yugham Hakobyan narrated that her mother was born in Holy Etchmiadzin Monastery (Etchmiadzin, Armenia) where many Armenians found  refuge as well in 1918. She was recalling the song of her grandmother when the survivor was singing :''May you never see what we have seen, bala. Never!''. (Note:''bala'' is child).