On the crossroad of two fortunes. Nor Artagers, Armavir region, Armenia.

11/12/2014 17:09


The second generation survivor Souria (Lilya) Volodya Petrosyan (Aghasyan) (born in 1944), Nor Artagers village, Armavir region, Armenia.

Her mother Yulia Sarkisova was an Assyrian. She was born in Diza village, Urmia, Iran in 1906.  

See the map:  https://aina.org/maps/urmiamap.htm.

See also: Anahit Khosroeva: Assyrian Genocide in the Ottoman Empire and Adjacent Territories,” (The Armenian Genocide: Cultural and Ethical Legacies, Ed. by Richard Hovannisian, New Brunswick, New Jersey, Transaction Publishers)

Souria's mother with the grandchild

Recalling  the mother's story of survival

Souria with her nephew Beniamin  Avbishyan, Nor Artagers village, Armenia

Please find below the written story of this family  survival. Thank Mr. Beniamin Arbishyan for this material.

Yulia Sarkisova


















































Here is the link to the record of the narrative by Yulia Sarkisova.