Precious Memoirs in Photographs

The second generation survivor Grigor Karapet Ablaboutyan (Yerevan, Armenia)

His father Karapet Sargis Ablaboutyan was born in Urfa (Western Armenia) in 1869. Karapet had four brothers and two sisters.
For the first time he got married before 1915, however he lost the family during the Genocide. In 1917 he got married for the second time. 
The wife Soultan Hakob Ter-Gasparyan was born in 1901 or 1902. The mother and her sister survived thank their uncle.
In 1930 the family moved to Aleppo (Syria) where Grigor was born in 1942.  The parents had nine children: 5 daughters and 4 sons.
In 1946 the family moved to Armenia. 
Grigor recalled his mother's words that hs father had the ''golden'' hands: he was building bridges, participating in the  railway construction. Grigor was 
four year old when his father died, so he remembers what  the mother narrated. He keeps his family photos as treasures after the death of his lovely mother in 1975.
How fascinating when people share their families' archival photos with public. Thank Grigor Ablaboutyan for presenting 26 precious photos to the project WE LIVE, WE REMEMBER, WE PRAY.
Grigor's mother and father, Urfa, Western Armenia, circa 1925
Grigor's sisters, Urfa
Grigor's cousin Eliz Sargsyan in the orphanage  (Rosario, Argentina).
Eliz was a daughter of the aunt who died on the death road  in the desert of Der-Zor, Syria. 
Grigor's uncle with his wife, Argentina
Grigor's uncle family, Argentina
Grigor's uncle daughter with her husband, Argentina
Recalling the ancestors from Urfa, the  survivors of  the Armenian Genocide, and praying for their souls...
Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin, Armenia, circa 1970.