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Saint Karapet Church, Janfida village, Armavir region, Armenia


Verjine Hovhannisyan (Azizyan) was born in Janfida village in 1939. Her father Hovhannes Mirzo Hovhannisyan was born in the province of  Van,  Western Armenia in 1876. The mother Zare Gevorg Hovhannisyan was born in the province of  Archesh, Western Armenia in 1900. The parents got married in 1916. They have been  settled down in Janfida in 1920.

Zare Hovhannisyan (in the middle)

Zare Hovhannisyan

Verjine Hovhannisyan's  (Azizyan) mother-in-law (the first from the right) Piruz Movses Azizyan.

Piruz was born in the province of Bayazet, Western Armenia in 1902.

She was in an orphanage of Yerevan in 1920. The cousin found her.

Piruz with her couzin Rafael Gharibyan.

Verjine's uncle family. They  moved to Greece.

Piruz Azizyan in Janfida.









Dr. M. Mkhitaryan with the second generation survivor Verjine Hovhannisyan.


















Peace of Janfida village.




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The second generation survivor Souria (Lilya) Volodya Petrosyan (Aghasyan) (born in 1944), Nor Artagers village, Armavir region, Armenia.

Her mother Yulia Sarkisova was an Assyrian. She was born in Diza village, Urmia, Iran in 1906.  

See the map:

See also: Anahit Khosroeva: Assyrian Genocide in the Ottoman Empire and Adjacent Territories,” (The Armenian Genocide: Cultural and Ethical Legacies, Ed. by Richard Hovannisian, New Brunswick, New Jersey, Transaction Publishers)

Souria's mother with the grandchild

Recalling  the mother's story of survival

Souria with her nephew Beniamin  Avbishyan, Nor Artagers village, Armenia

Please find below the written story of this family  survival. Thank Mr. Beniamin Arbishyan for this material.

Yulia Sarkisova


















































Here is the link to the record of the narrative by Yulia Sarkisova.




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Karlen Mkrtchyan's parents. The father David Mkrtchyan was born in Koch village, Van province, Western Armenia in 1888.

He was known as David of Koch.

David of Koch.

The book by Levon Zohrap. See the 17th page where it is written about David of Koch (see below).

This Armenian woman Satenik Mkrtchyan gave  birth to five children who  continue the family traditions founded by David of Koch.

Karlen Mkrtchyan with his friend Mnatsakan Sianosyan and two daughters

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Mariam Movsesyan's grandmother and grandfather: Siranush and Gurgen Naltchajyan

The family story written by Mariam Movsesyan (in Armenian)

Elizabeth Naltchajyan with her daughter Ani and son Avetik

Mariam Movsesyan mother's grandmother and grandfather: Elizabeth and Sisak Naltchajyan

Gurgen Naltchajyan's brother - Mamikon Naltchajyan 

Shining smile of Mariam Movsesyan's son....

NEVER AGAIN.....The recognition of 1915 Armenian Genocide is of historic significance....Smiles of Armenian kids should be bright and shining...Smiles of children all over the world should be bright and shining....NEVER AGAIN....


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Photo: On the right - the gravestone portrait of the grandfather Levon Mkhitaryan who was born in Mush province, Western Armenia in 1907.

1915....a 8-year old boy from Mush finds refuge in Armenia with a group of other orphans... The ancestral mountains inspire consolation (’’mkhitarutun’’ in Armenian)....Such was the blessing bestowedupon the family of Mkhitaryans....

Five sons of the survivor Levon Mkhitaryan          

Children always pray for parents....Levon Mkhitaryan's daughter Roza Mkhitaryan in Sanahin monastery, Lory Marz, Armenia.

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Her grandmother Yugham Khachatur Hakobyan was born in Evjilar, Surmalu province, Western Armenia  in 1882.

Photo: The Soviet passport of the grandmother issued in 1938.

Photo: Yugham Hakobyan - from the left.

Yugham Hakobyan's family. Her husband Kerob Hakobyan was born in Alijan village, Western Armenia.

The third generation survivor Yugham Hakobyan narrated that her mother was born in Holy Etchmiadzin Monastery (Etchmiadzin, Armenia) where many Armenians found  refuge as well in 1918. She was recalling the song of her grandmother when the survivor was singing :''May you never see what we have seen, bala. Never!''. (Note:''bala'' is child).

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Serob Ghazar Grigoryan was born in  Mokhraberd village near Lake Van, Western Armenia  in 1906. He was an orphan.

During the World War II he, as the major of the Soviet Army, was fighting against the Nazis.

Photo: The major Serob Grigoryan's military certificate

In 1988 during  the Karabakh movement the 82 year old retired major Serob Grigoryan was participating in all demonstrations on Liberty Square in Yerevan.  He died in 1998.

The second generation survivor Artos Grigoryan with his wife Lena Mkhitaryan.

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Valentina Baghdasaryan with the portrait of her father Karapet Baghdasaryan.

Karapet Baghdasaryan was born in Nich village, Sassoun province, Western Armenia in 1883.

Two brothers Karapet and Gagik founded Apaga village. Now Valentina Baghdasaryan is writing a history of Apaga village.

For many years she was the director of  Apaga village school.

Memories from  childhood are unforgettable. Photo: little Valentina (from the left).

Valentina Baghdasaryan's uncle Gagik Baghdasaryan was arrested and exiled to Altay, Russia. He died in Safronof village, Altay, Russia.

Photo: Gagik Baghdasaryan with his family, circa 1928.

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Hakob Sharbatyan was born in Lebanon in 1944. His father Hovhannes Sharbatyan was a 12 year old boy when he felt the spirit of resistece during the fourty days of Musa Dagh. Hakob recalls that his father was bringing bread to the defenders of Musa Dagh.

The Sharbatyan's extended family (Hovhannes Sharbatyan - the first from the right, the first line).

Hovhannes Sharbatyan with his wife and children

Musa Ler....Lebanon....Armenia....

In 1947 the Sharbatyan's family moved to Armenia. The family became a victim of Stalin's repressions. They were arrested and exiled to Altay, Russia. 

The wedding of Varuzhan Sharbatyan, the brother of Hakob Sharbatyan. The parents with the just married couple.

Hovhannes Sharbatyan was a stone master. His seven children keep the family traditions founded and developed by Hovhannes Sharbatyan.


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Almost 85 year old Diraxya Manukyan recalled the story of his parents survival with tears in eyes. His mother's four brothers died on the way to Armenia. He has four children and six grandchildren. Life goes on....

Diraxya Manukyan with the family photo album.

His father Manuk Manukyan was born in  Khoshkhabar village, Surmalu province, Western Armenia in 1893.

His mother Anakhas Movses Manukyan was born in the village of Blur, Surmalu province, Western Armenia in 1896.

The family tree by Diraxya Manukyan.

For many years Diraxya Manukyan was responsible for cultural affairs of four villages.

 Photo: The sport group lessons in the Culture House, Margara village.




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